Demo Ranch's Whole Arsenal in One Epic Video... 10 MILLION SUBSCRIBER SPECIAL!!!!

Thanks to these awesome dudes for coming out to celebrate with me!!!
Mat Best
Crispy crispy11b
AK Guy
Eli eli_doubletap
Baddie baddiestreams
Klean kleanisklean

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  • Jason Weather
    Jason Weather2 minuten geleden

    The womanly mail oppositely invite because committee bizarrely drop modulo a wholesale typhoon. mushy, cute poultry

  • Kanashi Tls
    Kanashi Tls8 minuten geleden

    He has enough guns to be a new military branch

  • Reed TeeHee
    Reed TeeHee32 minuten geleden

    Know these are my people

  • Nicholas Mcelroy
    Nicholas Mcelroy34 minuten geleden

    I have been watching since 20,000

  • Zac Kolisz
    Zac Kolisz35 minuten geleden

    The thumbnail looks like one of those ATF seizure pictures lol

  • Andy Drew
    Andy Drew36 minuten geleden

    That’s gotta be a clean 2 million on those tables Fuck me

  • brucetheshepard57x28
    brucetheshepard57x2852 minuten geleden

    Note to self, if you get the drop on Matt, you have approximately 2 minutes to take stuff while he tries to figure out wich gun to use

  • Conservative Texan 1845
    Conservative Texan 184553 minuten geleden

    Mat best completely boned him self xD

  • Chris Stirling
    Chris Stirling55 minuten geleden

    Those are scary looking! Shouldn’t they be on some sort of banned list or something? 😂🤣

  • ArduinoBen
    ArduinoBen56 minuten geleden

    Wait I can't tell if they're shooting 4 or 5 rounds lol

  • Quincy Ethelbah
    Quincy Ethelbah56 minuten geleden

    Dude I now donut 🤯

  • ArduinoBen
    ArduinoBenUur geleden


  • Michael Roach
    Michael RoachUur geleden

    Matt grow a set of NUTS You won’t show us all of the pew pews But you will spend a half hour on the new cabinet’s in the house Lame

  • Daniel Gonzalez
    Daniel GonzalezUur geleden

    Saw a few Airforce rifles in there

  • Andrew Virtue
    Andrew VirtueUur geleden

    Awwe I was hopin' crispy would show them who's boss with that. I'm no gun enthusiast so I don't know the actual name, but I like the P90.

  • Braam Schmid mountain biking
    Braam Schmid mountain bikingUur geleden

    Why dont these people wear mask???

  • Warriorplayz Beno22iscool
    Warriorplayz Beno22iscoolUur geleden

    America in a nutshell

  • samir benjumea
    samir benjumeaUur geleden

    That ending 😂😂😂😂😂

  • El Othemany
    El OthemanyUur geleden

    That thumbnail looks so gay

  • Logan Light
    Logan LightUur geleden

    Jesus Christ thats a lot of guns

  • ImmA
    ImmAUur geleden

    Sad that reaper couldn’t make it

  • Logan Moore
    Logan Moore2 uur geleden

    shoulda invited Hickock45 and he woulda prolly hit the target with every shot haha

  • Noah Russell
    Noah Russell2 uur geleden

    Did anyone else's mouth drop when they first panned down to see all his guns!! WOW! That is a lot of guns! :D I want to see where/how he keeps them now! I bet they are falling out of cabinets and in his sock drawers!

  • Tofu
    Tofu2 uur geleden

    No skit at the beginning? Somethings off here...

  • Jeramie Crupper
    Jeramie Crupper2 uur geleden

    The ending is the best fuck yea

  • Yano
    Yano2 uur geleden

    yayy freaking new intro!!!

  • Literal Lace
    Literal Lace2 uur geleden

    New challenge: see who can find his sunken guns first

  • Ashish Divay
    Ashish Divay2 uur geleden

    Only thing missing is "Hold my beer"

  • carlo imperial
    carlo imperial2 uur geleden

    imagined a zombie came roaming around while they filming,, (REST IN PIECES)

  • LoveTheWolfpack Love
    LoveTheWolfpack Love2 uur geleden

    Speaking of boating accidents one happened at my lakehouse and the man crashed into 8 trees (higden,AR) and the drivers body was found next to a tree where he was flung out of the boat and instantly broke his neck on a tree and the passenger didn’t die and my mom and a friend of hers talked to him before they airlifted him

  • 2 uur geleden

    When there's a shortage of guns in the military they know who to come to😄😄😄

    ZULUONE2 uur geleden

    Strange all my guns were lost in a freak boating accident too.🤔 much love , great work all these years , you have help me through alot of tough days . THANK YOU .

  • Bored
    Bored2 uur geleden

    Plus atf lost its favor from the congress in not being able to define an assault rifle… 😂

  • Bored


    2 uur geleden

    Atf has guide lines on civilian and all citizens through public association, and cannot impersonate a General’s format definition 👍

  • Bored


    2 uur geleden

    Imagine if a republican ran ATF and told them that assault rifle is associated with a designation of what is a combat battle rifle… 😂 If they don’t have a military background they can be accused for stolen valor.

  • Bored
    Bored2 uur geleden

    The Davidian raid they assumed the guy had a rocket launcher because the report showed a bunch of green shipment wooden box crates… 😂

  • Mr smiley mask 666
    Mr smiley mask 6662 uur geleden

    This guy is talented

  • Bored
    Bored3 uur geleden

    😮 davy jones locker must be filled with souls and guns with no ammo. Naa dude ATF cannot hit you unless you show case a stock pile of ammunition. Like if you show 1200$ plus of ammunition that isn’t assorted or some shit. It’s like when people rob a bank the fbi only gets involve if they have stolen over 2500$ from a grocery store… or any amount from an FDIC insured bank… 👀. It’s all about the grounds… in this case rocket casing or high explosive or Semtex…

  • Хамзат Арсанов
    Хамзат Арсанов3 uur geleden

    Нужен перевод обязательно

  • themessengerman45
    themessengerman453 uur geleden

    Oh it's just Matt Carriker--Just your average tall, handsome, funny, wildly charismatic midwesterner with 10 million NLdron subscribers, his own ranch, tons of friends, an attractive wife and just about every cool gun you could have! Congrats Matt, you win life!

  • H XVIII Julian
    H XVIII Julian3 uur geleden

    And this is the gun i picked had me dying 04:04

  • Vandel212
    Vandel2123 uur geleden

    Might I recommend standing on the side of the table where the guns aren't pointing?

  • billy sastard
    billy sastard3 uur geleden

    That was awesome great job donut

  • Dillen Eldridge
    Dillen Eldridge3 uur geleden

    Wheres all the 11 hipoints at lol

  • KikiLovesMe
    KikiLovesMe3 uur geleden

    In case of zombie apocalypse demo ranch militia is ready lol

  • Edwin Perez
    Edwin Perez3 uur geleden

    Wow! You got that .1 in a week! Thats crazy. Congratulations

  • sharon bates
    sharon bates3 uur geleden

    I feel Matt I lost all my guns in a quick sand accident…

  • Toni Montana
    Toni Montana3 uur geleden

    Your videos are amazing, but damn those intros tend to be cringe.

  • Flying Dutchman
    Flying Dutchman3 uur geleden

    Holy mother

  • J T
    J T3 uur geleden

    Love the new intro

  • Gu Bli
    Gu Bli3 uur geleden

    So when are you showing all the guns?

  • Tyler w
    Tyler w4 uur geleden

    So we didn't even get to hear about all the guns...

  • Shawn Corcoran
    Shawn Corcoran4 uur geleden

    Doom music intensifies

  • Ty Markham
    Ty Markham4 uur geleden

    I love your videos brother 🤣😂🤣

  • Tommy Sands
    Tommy Sands4 uur geleden

    10M and demonetized

  • Electron00
    Electron004 uur geleden

    I can't believe you would do this without Kentucky

  • Merc. Shong "Loner" Lui  Nicolai
    Merc. Shong "Loner" Lui Nicolai4 uur geleden

    The only missing one is a live target. My buddy will hold this balloon besides the thigh, near the arteries. And he stands 25 meters away. And I have to shoot the balloon using an M16 loaded with 1 5.56 bullet and iron sights. I miss the shot, we fail. If I don't shoot the balloon, we fail. I shoot my buddy's thigh, I fail.

  • Sladeofdark
    Sladeofdark4 uur geleden


  • DenviousMars
    DenviousMars4 uur geleden

    Her: "I bet he's cheating on me right now." Him:

  • Preston Mason
    Preston Mason5 uur geleden


  • Mr. The Best In The World
    Mr. The Best In The World5 uur geleden

    Ух ты ж блин. Красавчик, вот это реально круто. Столько пушек

  • Джатупорн Вирийа
    Джатупорн Вирийа5 uur geleden

    Жалко пушки :))))))

  • nick dearing
    nick dearing6 uur geleden

    Great video with some great dudes, but where was Reaper? I can understand KY Ballistics not being there, but having Reaper would have topped it off.

  • Mud turtle Mud turtle
    Mud turtle Mud turtle6 uur geleden

    Dad always told me that theirs no need for more than one gun.these guys must be packing small packages.

  • Rainbow Unicorns
    Rainbow Unicorns6 uur geleden

    Wholy caliber

    TGTBT6 uur geleden

    Yessir, guns aren’t bad, it’s just some people that use them. If USA ever bans guns then the criminals will be the only ones with guns. So no matter what, the criminals will have guns, so Biden, don’t mess up

  • Jannis Axmann
    Jannis Axmann6 uur geleden

    Where does he store all this stuff

  • Elite_Ervin
    Elite_Ervin6 uur geleden

    This guy has enough guns to create a small army or militia

  • Ben Dover
    Ben Dover7 uur geleden

    That 50 cal you rattle canned should not be shot anymore that's the gun that has a fatal flaw that almost killed that guy by slicing open his neck from a hot round explosion. Holy Shit Matt Best!!!! woot! I got two copies of his movie and AK guy man I wish I was there but I would be running all over the place with hard nipples and a chub.

  • Philip Caddick
    Philip Caddick7 uur geleden

    In Soviet Russia, Gun shoots *YOU*

  • Negan
    Negan7 uur geleden

    Ждём перевода Зёбры=)

  • Simon Andersson
    Simon Andersson7 uur geleden

    I would have picked the m1 garand

  • Alex Rosario
    Alex Rosario8 uur geleden

    I would be happy with like, any of those guns 😅😂😭

  • james jade lasquites
    james jade lasquites8 uur geleden

    I'm 100% chinese, but after watching this video I am AMERICAN NOW!!

  • Francisco Chavez
    Francisco Chavez8 uur geleden

    Classic ending 😂

  • Nik Van Den Eede
    Nik Van Den Eede8 uur geleden

    Ridiculous 🙄

  • Zach Smith
    Zach Smith8 uur geleden

    Lol the last few seconds were so funny, finally someone can where the shirt and mean it (sort of lol)

  • Grif Luke
    Grif Luke9 uur geleden

    If they both can hip fire to save their lives, they're probably retired cops. Hahaaa

  • Boris Voltaire
    Boris Voltaire9 uur geleden

    Hey guys Donut here 👌🔥

  • Jake Boyd
    Jake Boyd9 uur geleden

    I feel sorry for whoever tries to Rob this guy...

  • The Great Disillusionist
    The Great Disillusionist9 uur geleden

    Holy shit Donut's smirk after he hit that yellow haha priceless!!

  • Ashton Martin
    Ashton Martin9 uur geleden

    I’m gonna pick a funny one cause if I don’t I’ll win-matt

  • CERB3RU2
    CERB3RU29 uur geleden

    5:52 ''big iron on his hip''

  • Aldrin Abacial
    Aldrin Abacial9 uur geleden

    fortnite battle royale in the sea

  • Rinat Khisamov
    Rinat Khisamov10 uur geleden

    First 15 seconds and you've already got a like

  • Exercise N Freedom
    Exercise N Freedom10 uur geleden

    Maaan i can’t sub someone who is cool with donut operator…you lost my sub sorry

  • Prettyboy Jaygang
    Prettyboy Jaygang10 uur geleden

    Typical American lol gets 10m subs makes millions of dollars off viewers gives no sub give away or nothing just stacking up that money

  • Marty Burnette
    Marty Burnette11 uur geleden


  • Foxtrot 0097
    Foxtrot 009711 uur geleden


  • Sum dude
    Sum dude11 uur geleden

    This is a Texan pipe dream

  • Jack Ace
    Jack Ace11 uur geleden

    Donut is my favorite

  • Buckeye Pilot
    Buckeye Pilot11 uur geleden

    "I have 2,700 guns, but my El Camino doesn't run." 😂😂😂

  • TheycallmeD Day
    TheycallmeD Day11 uur geleden

    It’s so…beautiful 🥲

  • qwertyu sdfghj
    qwertyu sdfghj11 uur geleden

    The precious date surprisingly inject because kevin dewailly trade beside a oceanic crocus. empty, crabby scent

  • DragonOfMight
    DragonOfMight12 uur geleden

    The amount of guns tho damn

  • tim lee
    tim lee12 uur geleden

    Lol brandon

  • nilesburn1
    nilesburn112 uur geleden

    Very kind of you to do a pride style video for gay pride month. You can tell you all love eachother by the weird way you're holding eachother...

  • Ken Wirth
    Ken Wirth12 uur geleden

    GAYEST pic I ever seen who ever thought of this should be used as a target lol

  • valeriy lovorn
    valeriy lovorn12 uur geleden

    Go Black Rifle coffee

  • Anthonyfrm 330
    Anthonyfrm 33012 uur geleden

    Love your vids one day I would love to come out and have fun with u guys man

  • valeriy lovorn
    valeriy lovorn12 uur geleden

    I didn't think he had a shit ton of guns

  • Undead Scourge
    Undead Scourge12 uur geleden

    Boom Nice Shot bro